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Gerber Graduates Animal Crackers

Kode : Gerber Animal Crackers

For Toddler

GERBER Graduates Animal Crackers merupakan biskuit bayi berbentuk bermacam-macam karakter binatang yang lucu dengan rasa kayu manis. Bentuk dan ukuran sudah disesuaikan dengan jari si kecil.

Product Highlights

Good source of Vitamin E, Iron, Zinc & Calcium

Made with Whole Grains

2g of Whole Grains per serving

Did You Know?

About 25% of your toddler’s daily calories come from snacks.

GRADUATES Animal Crackers are a great way to make every bite count because they are a good source of 4 vitamins & minerals, have whole grains, and are designed just right for toddlers.

Nutrition Specially Made for Toddlers

You want the best possible nutrition for your child. The GRADUATES line of toddler meals, drinks and snacks are specially made for toddler developmental and nutritional needs.

Made for Toddlers

Just right for little fingers

Easy to chew and swallow

Toddler tested and approved


This product should only be fed to seated, supervised children who are accustomed to chewing solid foods

Good for Toddlers

2g of Whole Grains per serving

Iron for healthy brain development

Vitamin E and Zinc for natural immune support

Calcium for healthy bones and teeth


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